Lecture by Ganna Omelyanenko for students of the Moscow Metropolitan Governance Yury Luzhkov University

Ganna Omelyanenko, Head of the RTDA Internal Expertise Department, lectured to the students of MMGU about rivers in the city. The whole range of issues was raised: the problems of rehabilitation of urban areas, design cases for the formation of embankments and the organization of urban development "by the river", foreign experience in the preservation and improvement of river valleys in the structure of cities.

At the seminar the listeners asked many questions about urban greening, which, of course, always goes in conjunction with rivers and their surroundings. We talked about modern project proposals for the rivers return of Moscow, which were hidden in sewers or drained, complex and, as a rule, long implementation of projects related to embankments in various cities.

The discussion turned out to be very lively!