As a part of the career guidance program organized by the Here and Now Foundation, high school senior from the Tuzhinsky orphanage visited the RTDA office.

The Here and Now Charitable Foundation is engaged in helping orphans. The motto of the fund: "We help orphans, not orphanage!". "Here and now" not only provides assistance to children living in orphanages, boarding schools and foster families. One of the important acuity of the foundation is the social adaptation of orphans to independent living outside the orphanage.

Graduates of orphanages suffer difficulty adapting to adulthood and realization of personal potential in profession and career compared with their peers living in normal families. In this period of life, it is very important to help children decide on their future profession, interest them and give impetus to new knowledge to master their favorite profession, prevent them from following the path of least resistance, as is often the case with orphans. This is actually the work that the staff of the Here and Now Foundation is doing as part of a career guidance program, and yesterday the guys got acquainted with the variety of professions that combines a modern architectural bureau. After all, these are not only architects, but also engineers, designers, accountants, financiers, IT managers, translators, copywriters, web designers and lawyers (and this is not a complete list). Maria Vinogradova-Frank conducted an overview tour through the RTDA office and showed what kind of challenges the architect faces daily. The guys saw the 3D printer in operation and even made simple models by themselves. Ivan Dubrovin using concrete examples introduced the children to the process of creating three-dimensional models of future buildings. Anton Petukhov, Ganna Omelyanenko and Elena Popova told about architecture and the feautures of the profession of an architect and a city planner.

In memory of this wonderful day, RTDA employees presented the children with an illustrated encyclopedia on architecture “How it is built” by David Macoli. It was a wonderful day.