Publication of the 3rd Part of the Development of Eurasian Cities Research

Dear all, we would like to share great news with you. The 3rd Part of the Development of Eurasian Cities urban planning research has been already published! Back in 2018, the first book set the goal of the entire work, namely, the definition of common characteristics and unique features of the development of cities within Russia from the Kaliningrad region to Primorye. Trying to understand what caused this or that change in the planning pattern of a specific city, we often have experience with real mysteries and puzzles, which we are more than happy to share in our books.

As the years go by, our research geography and area are expanding. So, the third part is devoted to the cities of the Volga, such as Yaroslavl, Saratov, Astrakhan, as well as the cities of the Far East – an old system of united lands from the Amur to Alaska.

For a more detailed acquaintance with the content of the previous parts of the research, please visit our interactive website. Posting of the 3rd Part content is coming soon, so stay tuned!