Discussion of the city's design code started in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

City administration and RTDA, the winner of the competition for the development of the design code, discussed with representatives of advertising agencies, building owners and businesses an outdoor advertising and signage strategy.

The document is divided into 5 sections. One of them, concerning outdoor advertising, was developed by Art. Lebedev Studio. The concept is aimed at preserving the historical heritage of the city and ensureing that advertising structures and outdoor advertising do not worsen the city's appearance. During the presentation, the audience was clearly demonstrated how the appearance of city buildings will change if the advertising signs are streamlined and brought to a single style. This includes the building of the Sakhalin Department Store. The design code of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk will include the development of requirements for the design of typical retail facilities and hardscape, a gradual renewal of commercial signs, city signs, principles and recommendations for areas of housing stock reorganization. The presented document remains the basis for continued discussion.

Photo: https://yuzhno-sakh.ru/